Join us for

Lou's Madtown Showdown

on Friday Oct 2nd at 7 pm

and Saturday Oct 3rd at 5 pm!

All 7 classes will be in action!



Tickets will be sold 

just after you enter the parking lot

while you are still in your vehicles.  

If you are in the grandstands 

you will need to stay there; 

if you are in the pits 

you will need to stay there!  

Please remember to social

distance and stay home 

if you are not feeling well.

Races On!

Lou's Madtown Showdown

Friday Oct 2nd &

Saturday Oct 3rd


  Grandstands...Adults: $15
     Kids 12 & under are FREE    
  Specials...Adults: $15
     Kids 12 & under are FREE
  Pits: $30​ each for driver & pit crew
      Fair Races: $30 for each driver & pit crew
      Specials: $30 each for pit pass





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